Get Your Dick Outta The Playdough
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Ugh, here we go. Your groupies are pathetic. No one is "trying too hard", I was scrolling through Tumblr® and came across the monstrosity you call your face. Of course it "sounds like a hater", I absolutely hate your face Alexander. It offends me. Sir Fenimore, just shut up. You look worse than Alexander. The bones on your forehead resembles that of the late Andre the Giant. So relax. Shit man I'm done with this. Everyone is latching onto your 7" tapers like their life depended on it. Shit.



The plot thickens.

cc: sirfenimore

I didn’t even know I had defined bones in my forehead! This is sick. Hahaha.

the forehead of a neanderthal, the stylistic sensibilities of a king. 

Skate or die, dude. You either skate, or you die.